EFANET organized Bi-annual Membership Meeting and Capacity Building Training for its members and partners on the 14thand15th September 2017. The meeting and training which also attracted the media targeted the Coalition member organizations both at the national & regional levels.
The meeting was meant to create a platform to review the programmes and activities of the Network and to share information and best practices, as well as discuss the successes and challenges. Furthermore, the training workshops were intended to build the capacity of the members by equipping them with the requisite knowledge in order to strengthen and enhance their performances in building a more vibrant and successful coalition.
In addition, it was also meant to form thematic groups to give members a sense of belonging particularly in the implementation of programme activities in their areas of focus or intervention. The membership training focused on various topics such as Leadership and Organizational Management; Sustainable Development Goal 4; Coalition Building & Networking Strategies; Education Financing: Budget Analysis and Expenditure Tracking and Monitoring & Evaluation and Monitoring and Evaluation.
As part of the deliberations, the CSEF 2018 proposal was review and endorsed by the coalition members. Mr. Baboucar O. Joof, during his discussion on Leadership and Organizational Management, took the members through the different definitions of management and stressed on the need for effective management & better coordination, leadership and collaboration in order to improve performance and have an impact on achieving the goals and objectives of the Coalition.
Mr. Ousman Senghore, on the other hand, gave a rundown of SDG 4 and its targets. He also highlighted key issues such as inadequate education financing and heavy dependence on donors for funding as possible hindrances to the attainment of the goal in The Gambia. In addition, Mr. Essa Sowe spoke on Coalition Building and Networking Strategies and stressed the need for members to acquaint themselves with the mandate, mission and vision of the coalition for a sense of direction particularly in steering the affairs of the Coalition.
Mr. Omar O. Jobe in his discussion on Education Financing: Budget Analysis and Expenditure Tracking focused on the need to track funds spent on education and to advocate for increased budgetary allocation to the Education Sector. Lastly, Mr. Andrew Gomez gave an insight on how to monitor and evaluate projects that are geared towards promoting education service delivery in The Gambia.